Dismissal Procedures

All adults on campus who are not school district employees must show Photo ID to enter building then sign in at the office and wear a visitor or volunteer badge.

Morning Drop-off: School Doors Open at 7:30 AM

1. Students must NOT be dropped off before 7:30 AM unless attending our before school care (which opens at 6:30 AM.) 
2. After 7:30 AM, use the parent drop-off area in the front of the school for morning arrival.  Please pull up as far as possible and let children exit from the passenger side of vehicle only.
3. If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in an appropriate parking space.
4. Do not use the back parking lot to drop-off your children. Delivery trucks, maintenance vehicles and support staff arrival make this area unsafe for students.

Afternoon Pick-up: Dismissal begins at 2:40 PM

1. Only one line of cars is allowed in the parent pick-up area.  All drivers must remain in vehicles.  
2. All drivers must have a school issued parent pick-up sign which will be provided on the first day of school to your child. The sign must be displayed in the passenger side windshield of the vehicle. A child will not be allowed in the car without the parent pick-up sign.  Vehicles without this card will be expected to go to the front office and show a valid identification/driver’s license in order to obtain a sign.
3. Move forward in the parent pick-up line after the vehicle in front of you has pulled away.
4. Drivers are asked to respect other drivers and staff.
5. Drivers are asked to come to a complete stop when picking up their child(ren).
6. Parking is allowed in an appropriate space for those who need to exit the vehicle and come in to the office to check I.D.
7. We appreciate smiling, courteous parents!